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The Python’s web framework for perfectionists Download Broucher Apply Now Course Overview Course Duration Lectures Become a Django Python developer and learn how to build web applications. Upgrade your skills set with TecNsol’s short term certification course in Django Python. 3 months The Python’s web framework for perfectionists 1.15 hours Lecture Duration

Learn Verstile Programming

How pleasant it would be that you could write your own algorithm. Also python is official language of google. Python is not just a programming language, but a technology itself. Python is a multi-tasking programming, you can do anything that you want to do through python. We offer best DJANGO Python Trainings at TecNsol Trainings. TecNsol is a certified institute, where you can enhance your skills with professionals. DJANGO Python course is a great place for start learning Python and DJANGO. The whole course is split into two modules

  • Python (No Prior Programming Knowledge is needed)
  • DJANGO (Python Programming knowledge is required)
Course Features

Course Duration: 3 Months
Lectures :60
Class Duration : 1 – 1.5 Hour

Skills you will learn

Introduction to Python
Python Installation
VS code installation
Python 3
Python OOP
Virtual Environment
DJANGO Installation
DJANGO Project
DJANGO URL Parameters
Django Templating Language
Django function based views
Django class based views
Django Forms
Static files
Django Admin site

python django training features

Instructor-LED live sessions

Live LED instructions are provided to students at Tecnsol, which builds one to one connection between Trainee and Trainer

Real life case studies

Case research are narratives that characteristic real-world conditions or makes use of merchandise or offerings to exhibit their value.


Assignments are the source for learning better skills, at Tecnsol Trainee will provide the assignments during the whole course duration.

Lifetime Acess

Professionals are always available at Tecnsol for helping learners. Learners can come at any time for the troubleshooting their troubles relevant to the course.

24x7 Expert support

Experts are always there for you at Tecnsol for 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Tecnsol provide expertise support for supporting their students and clients


After the completion of course, Learners will hold a certificate which will enhance their portfolio. A certified person can get a good job early than uncertified

What You'll get out of this Django Course

Better education for better results

Better Education is required for the better outcomes. TecNsol is a great place for getting education enriched with quality and it acquires an autonomous structure. We adopt technologies of advanced era. Everything is perfect

Build django projects you are proud of

Build feature rich applications in DJANGO, which reflects your career. Never “Copy-Paste” others projects, because it will leave you with projects that you don’t fully understand. Build your own projects so that you can feel proud moment.

learn professional deployment skills

Our DJANGO course enables you so that your applications could be accessible over internet. Learn how to deploy your web applications on two of the most widely used cloud providers i.e. Heroku and Microsoft Azure.

persue a web development career

Start your career in web development as a freelancer and join software industries and bright your career. After taking this course you will be able to qualify as a junior web dev jobs.

job opportunities

A python developer have different job opportunities in software development industry. there’s variation  of job opportunities depending on developer’s experience and skills set


Salary Comparison by experience

Companies Using Python

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