Amazon Expert training course

Amazon Expert training course with Certificatiion

Course Features

 Course Duration: 3 Months
 Lectures :60
Course Fee: Affordable
 Class Days :Monday to Friday
  Class Duration : 1 – 1.5 Hour
 Certificate : Yes
 Eligibility : Matric, intermediate, Graduation, professional

Tools You’ll Master
  1. Helium 10
  2. DS Quick View
  3. Amz Scout
  4. Jungle Scout


  • What is Amazon?
  • Understanding of Amazon from business perspective
  • Why we choose Amazon
  • Understanding Amazon and it’s all model

Amazon FBM VS Amazon FBA

Advantages and disadvantages of each Model

Difference between FBA and FBM criteria

FBA Advantage Amazon is automatically fulfilled your order

FBM Disadvantage is We can fulfilled order ourselves.

Understanding Jungle Scout

Understanding Merchant Words

Understanding Helium10 

Understanding Viral Launch 

Understanding gated categories 

Main category and sub-category  

How to get a category un-gated

How to get keywords for a product 

Master Keyword Sheet

  • Understanding what sells on Amazon  
  • Product Ideation, what to sell
  • Product Validation, validating niche market
  • Choosing a competitor in a targeted niche
  • Feasibility Report

Advance Product Hunting and Validation

  • How to find suppliers on Alibaba
  • How to contact suppliers using appropriate methods  
  • Understanding supplier selection criteria  
  • Understanding shipping methods and Inco terms  
  • Contacting freight forwarders for shipment
  • How to negotiate with suppliers  
  • Understanding Amazon Logistics
  • How to place order with a supplier on Alibaba
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • How to do inventory planning

1All about Amazon Listing

  • Understanding Amazon listings
  • Pre-requisites of an Amazon listing  
  • How to create a listing on Amazon
  • Understanding title, bullet points and product descriptions  
  • Understanding backend search terms for a list
  • Retouching images for Amazon listing  
  • Listing optimization using different tools  Understanding dummy listings  
  • Understanding A+ Content
  • How to add variations
  • Understanding FBA and FBM offers on the list
1FBM Order Management 
  • How to fulfill FBM orders
  • How to handle returns and refunds
2Customer Support 
  • How to handle customer questions
  • Proper way of communicating with customers
1 Amazon Cases 
  • Understanding the purpose of Amazon cases  
  • How to open Amazon cases for your problems
2 Amazon Reports Handling 
  • Understanding different business reports
  • Understanding different inventory reports Understanding different advertising reports  
  • Understanding other reports on seller
  • central


  • Concept of Freelancing
  • What is Upwork and why we choose Upwork
  • How to create Upwork Account
  • How to get clients on Upwork
  • How to communicate with a foreign client
  • What to charge the client
  • Understanding complete A to Z process
  • What is Fiverr
  • How to create Fiverr Account
  • Understanding of Gigs
  • How to rank Gig
  • Winning Proposals
  • Business Ethics
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