We are one of Elegant Doers and Solvers, one of the Pakistan software IT development companies. We provide all sorts of IT Products and Services. In this digital age IT is rapidly growing in life with different challenges as perspective we always ready to meet the new hard challenges. We design intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive IT products such as Web Applications, Desktop Applications and Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, as well as Graphic. We have been in business since 2016 with having a particular name in IT Industry.

We take a unique approach to quickly doing standard work especially in Digital Marketing. We are defeating traditional and new methods, even though maintaining severe attitudes about our personal communiqué and formation planning.

TecNSol (Technology and Solutions) is providing simplest solutions of complex technology for the most technological problems.

Tech n Sol, has been working in Faisalabad since 2016, Technology and Solutions in the field of IT have grown rapidly in both nationally and internationally to facilitate in-house product development and growth in other establishments. We have successfully developed the IT Outsourcing Services Model which are known as ‘Right Sourcing’. It is unique and develops solutions custom-made to the growing custom software development needs of businesses.

We continue to develop and face new challenges and in doing so provide our expiration customers with the experience and knowledge of more than 30 plus highly experienced software engineers and Technology industry experts.             

Tech n Sol-Technology & Solutions is considered one of the best IT Company in Pakistan and its list of successful clients proves this point. We do complete work according to customer’s demand and requirements as well as our work meets customer’s satisfaction.



To be predictable by our customers, clients, staff, partners, vendors, and competitors as the number one software house and a capable provider of IT services in Pakistan. Highly evaluated between the best software solutions and IT services companies in the finance and apparel markets and to have a strong presence in over all the world.


To become steadfast partners of our clients, enhance their business performance by providing the latest, sophisticated solutions, automated and integrated workflows and business processes with the highest quality, and the fastest turnaround times. We help them, For IT and IT active services.